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It seems like the title of a book, and maybe indeed it is (our small tribute to the writer Carlos Ruiz Zafón, recently deceased and author of the novel “The Shadow of the Wind” that starts in a place called the cemetery of the forgotten books) because this quote recalls a myriad of stories, ideas, people, and expectations buried beneath experiences that died prematurely.

This Digital Tea of ours is a small Spoon River Anthology, just to stay in the literary metaphor, which gives voice to names of social media that are now, or at least seem to be, only memories engraved on cold tombstones.

Friedfeed, Google Wave, Vine, Friendster, Yammer… Reading these names, somebody might be surprised to exclaim, “Oh yes, I remember..!”


Behind every name, there is a story made of ideas and start-ups to create them, and then mountains of investments to realize them or to carve out a space within them by companies, customer brands that have jostled to be the first to make a 7-second video on Vine, activate collaborative platforms on Yammer… and then?

When we decide to invest in assets that do not belong to us, we must always consider that we are not in our own homes and that someone could decide to close them, divest from them, or let them languish in a long torpor or let them fall into oblivion overnight.

However, this does not detract from the main motivation of every investment, which is experimentation, the desire not to be followers of anyone, and the ability to be early adopters demonstrating that readiness and security in the face of risk make the difference between those who accept the challenge of growth and those who linger in their comfort zone.

Furthermore, delving into each story, one discovers that not everything is always lost and that a longing for vitality lies where you least expect it, ready to beat again sooner or later, in new forms, ready for new projects.

Moreover, even finished stories have much to teach us: what are the pitfalls? What didn’t work? What did the passage of these meteors leave us? In some cases, a lot, like happened with Vine, which changed the face of social media with the 7-second format, making videos the most used content type.

We invite you to take this walk in the Spoon River cemetery with us; you will discover that not everyone sleeps on the hill.