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Introduction and scenario.

Let’s start from the basics: what is Twitch?
Without going over its entire history, let’s just say that today Twitch is a platform owned by Amazon that offers anyone the opportunity to stream content they are passionate about.

But who is the audience of Twitch?

The demographics are quite clear:

P.S. Read the linked article as a source because it contains a lot of interesting information for those who want to delve deeper into the topic.

The platform was already doing great, and recently, due to the various lockdowns that affected not only our country, has experienced a significant increase in its usage.


According to La Stampa, the user base is about 4 million in Italy.

Really interesting numbers, especially considering the media power of top streamers. Just to give you some reference data:


And congratulations to Zano, that guy you see at the top of the rankings, who less than a month ago set a record of 160,000 connected viewers during one of his live streams.

What’s being talked about on Twitch

In everyone’s imagination, Twitch is “the platform where people watch others play video games.” True. In part. For now. But it’s not exactly like that.

This statement could have been true up until about a year ago, but now things are changing.

While it’s true that 9 out of the top 10 areas of interest are related to gaming, it’s interesting to note that the number one category overall is “just chatting,” where the streamer simply “chats” about whatever they want while interacting with their chat.

But on Twitch, we start to see streamers who cook, who play music, who interview, who build things with their LEGO bricks, who explain how to draw, there are talent shows, news channels… oh… by the way, have you heard that even Enrico Mentana will bring Open to Twitch?

Twitch represents a new way of communicating: it breaks down the on-demand wall erected by Netflix & Co., bringing back the concept of Live Streaming and focusing on the interaction between the streamer and the chat, thus outlining a completely new type of entertainment and communication.

Is it a fad?

Honestly, I don’t think so. It’s a platform that will continue to grow for a long time. Why do I think so?

  • Because of the trends.
  • Because Twitch is allowing GOOD content creators to earn well (very well if they are very good), taking away the best creators from YouTube and continuously improving the quality of the entertainment it offers.
  • Because with Prime Gaming, they are bringing many major players in the gaming entertainment world as partners and investors.
  • Because Amazon is integrating all its services with the platform (for example, did you know that you can “watch movies together” or organize film clubs thanks to the integration with Prime Video? Or set up “private radio” thanks to the integration with Amazon Music?)

Need more?

And so?

Am I trying to convince you to go and watch Twitch streams?
Obviously not. I’m talking about marketing and I’m talking about this

Today, advertising is very much oriented toward the gaming world, but as I mentioned earlier, the platform is changing and expanding: if there’s a streamer who cooks, there will be advertisers from the food & beverage world willing to invest. If there’s a streamer who restores furniture, there will be advertisers from the DIY world willing to invest.

But why should they do it?

Because streamers are celebrities! Instagram and Twitch are the future of influencer marketing.

This guy who is a testimonial for Adidas is not a soccer player, he hasn’t participated in a talent show, he’s not a singer, and he hasn’t been involved in any gossip! His name is Giorgio Calandrelli, aka Pow3r. His giant posters were in Piazza San Babila in Milan. He is a streamer and a professional video gamer. A streamer so good at entertaining thousands of people every night during his live streams and a player so good that he is part of the most important e-gaming competitive team in the world (and I haven’t even mentioned his YouTube channel or his Instagram account because I would digress too much). And Adidas chose him as a testimonial. Adidas. Not the butcher down the street. Adidas.

P.S. And if you’re thinking “Who cares about e-games,” do a Google search to understand the size of the phenomenon and look at this screenshot taken from the Gazzetta dello Sport website. A third level dedicated… I don’t know if I’m making myself clear.

Lavazza has created an entire advertising campaign with Pow3r as a testimonial and produced a documentary about his story.

If you still haven’t understood the media power of this guy, watch one of his live streams and count the overlays of his partners, sponsors, and brands that have chosen him as an ambassador.

And if big brands like Lavazza, Adidas, Acer, or NVidia notice these media phenomena, do we want to be so short-sighted as not to analyze what’s happening?

To conclude

Twitch is an expanding reality. It allows marketers to approach Influencer Marketing as never before, using the influencers themselves as a profiling system.

At the moment, Twitch has not yet opened up to advertisers with a self-service platform like YouTube or Facebook (and that’s a shame). But it’s probably just a tuning phase, a bit like what’s happening on Spotify but it will eventually open up to a wider audience of advertisers. Let’s all keep our eyes and ears open because this platform will become a reference point for digital marketing in the coming years.