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We often meet clients who need and want to improve their presence on Google’s SERPs and are trying to understand whether it is more advantageous to invest in SEO optimization or Google Ads campaigns, as if they were two tools that have the same purpose, but that’s not the case!

Let’s clarify things a little.

When we say SEO (Search Engine Optimization) we mean all those activities that make our site naturally “pleasing” in the eyes of the search engine and that make the site of our interest appear higher than that of our competitors.

Here we need to open a necessary parenthesis: when we talk about “competitors” from an SEO perspective we are not necessarily referring to those companies that provide the same product/service, to our competitors in marketing terms! We are referring to those that are positioning on our same keywords!

When we say Search Advertising activities (a term that is often associated with Google Ads) we refer to the creation of paid campaigns (cpc)

So we pay and Google “sells” us its spaces on its SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) as if they were the advertising spaces of a newspaper.

It seems obvious to think “Well, then let’s focus on SEO activities, we don’t have to pay for them”. This is only partially true.

If on the one hand, you do not incur any out-of-pocket expenses and by working from a careful SEO perspective you will certainly obtain results that in the medium-long term are capitalized and become assets, on the other hand, it is essential to understand that activities of this type are very expensive in terms of time and effort.

These dogmas exist in the heads of those people who are still focused on an old-style SEO, not up to date with a dozen updates of the Google algorithm.

If a few years ago it was possible to achieve good positioning only thanks to “tricks” such as filling the texts of our site as well as the meta fields of the pages with the keywords that interested us, today things are very different. Google is increasingly evolving in the direction of “rewarding sites that provide content of value to the user”. And mind you, this happens because Google has every interest in making navigation on its pages proliferate more and more by improving its service, it certainly isn’t doing it for the good of humanity.

Today the SEO activity is something much more complex and above all it is an activity that requires constant work. Updating the site, the continuous production of valuable content, and the creation of relationships with other sites that compose a coherent and well-structured navigation flow are activities without which one easily ends up suffering competition from those interested in our own keywords.

Can we think of making up for SEO activity with ppc campaigns?

Investing in paid campaigns certainly gives immediate results, but they are always “paid” campaigns. Furthermore, what happens when we decide to turn them off? We will simply disappear from the top positions in SERP.

What is the best course of action?

The answer may seem obvious but the only truth is that these activities are both important and must be carried out in parallel respecting a communication project that includes both. For what reason? Well, there are many reasons, but let’s look at some of them:

  1. understand which keywords to focus SEO activity on
  2. SEO positioning is not infinite
  3. brand defense
  4. different timings
  5. different objectives, different targets

If these points may seem a little obscure to you, don’t worry, in the next articles, we will try to dissect them one by one to understand what the critical issues of each of these Google Ads applications are.

We can therefore only answer one way to the question posed at the beginning of this article: between SEO activities and Advertising activities you must always choose consultancy and planning. The key to success is the planning behind a marketing plan and a communication plan. Everything else is shots fired into the air that can hit the target or disappear in the wind, along with our investments.