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Let’s go on delving deeper into the topics introduced in the article “Google Ads or SEO activities? What should we do?” (and if you haven’t read it I recommend you do so and then come back here).

Good! Now we can continue.

We have already explored two important topics such as the fact that SEO positioning is not infinite and brand defense, now let’s go to the third point: different timing.

SEO activities will certainly bring results. But not today, and not even tomorrow. This is a fact that anyone who deals with SEO (as a client or as an expert) must have clearly in mind!

Before Google “trusts you” by rewarding you with a first position, some time must pass. It is not a goal that can be achieved overnight and, the greater the competition, the longer it will take you to climb the rankings.

I’m not here to sugarcoat you: SEO is a long, difficult, and expensive activity. Someone “sells” SEO as fixing a couple of meta tags within the pages of a site, but this is not the case. Maybe this was the case a few years ago when Google’s algorithm was so stupid that it was influenced by the most vulgar keyword stuffing. But the algorithm has changed and continues to change, it becomes more and more sophisticated making it increasingly difficult to obtain good results. SEO is now transformed into a huge box that contains many different activities that range from more technological issues such as building a good, fast, mobile-friendly website with clean and correct code, up to activities that concern pure communication such as the drafting of qualitative and constantly updated content, and relationship building.

You therefore understand that excelling at SEO means deploying web development skills, copywriting skills, social skills, and digital PR skills.

And it’s not something that can be set up overnight. They are all activities that must be part of a precise 360-degree web communication plan that is carried out seriously and consistently over time.

And what do we do during this time? We can’t sit with our arms crossed waiting for our competitors to do business for us.

This is another one of those situations in which Google Ads can help us: the time needed to climb the SERP with our SEO activities can be easily buffered by using paid campaigns.

Google Ads allows us to be there, available to those who search for us, immediately!