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Signal is a non-profit organization that sustains itself through donations, not a glossy Silicon Valley company.

The messaging service was launched in 2014 and offers end-to-end encryption, so every content shared on the platform is readable only by the sender and the recipient. If someone—like a hacker, for example—intercepts the message, they only see a sequence of meaningless letters and numbers, encrypted.

If you’re looking for data, you’ll be disappointed

Signal does not release information on app downloads and users, only a few hints, such as a 400% increase in daily downloads after Trump’s election or the fact that it was the most downloaded app in Hong Kong after the Chinese government’s crackdown on national security.

The incredible growth of the platform and the story of its CEO are very intriguing

The point now is: can you do business with Signal and use it for commercial purposes?

Customer Care
A simple but valuable use is customer service: the messaging system can be used to answer customer questions and support them in their purchasing experience. A plus, especially in the eyes of those who are more attentive to their privacy… let’s remember that many people use WhatsApp, but not everyone.

Personalized Promotions
Like other messaging channels, Signal can be used to send personalized promotions to customers, special initiatives, or invitations to private events for a selected group of people. Even the daily takeaway menu of a restaurant can be forwarded to these channels. Giving the idea of uniqueness, something dedicated and exclusive, will surely have a different impact and attract more attention from recipients.

And then there are public relations agencies
Communicators and public speakers, professionals who manage territorial or institutional relations, have found themselves having to rethink their activities due to the pandemic. In-person meetings, so frequent and crucial for their work, were abruptly interrupted. It is difficult to recreate that thread of understanding and trust needed to build relationships and engage in fruitful exchanges that protect everyone’s interests remotely. This is compounded by the general distrust of phone communications, leading to frequent and ambiguous misunderstandings. So how to proceed? Proposing a messaging system as secure and protective as Signal could be seen as a gesture of attention and certainly professionalism.