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In the world of digital marketing, where the acquisition of new leads seems to be the main focus, there is an often overlooked treasure lying in companies’ databases: the leads already in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). In this article, we will explore the inherent value of making the most of existing leads instead of devoting considerable resources, money and effort to the constant search for new customers.

1. Re-acquiring costs less: the power of loyalty

It is a well-known fact that acquiring a new customer can entail considerable costs, from advertising to implementing lead generation strategies. In contrast, targeting those who are already our customers is a much more efficient investment. Customer retention is an essential key to long-term success, as it costs considerably less to re-purchase someone who is already satisfied with our offer. Excellent customer service, customised offers and attentive communication are powerful tools to keep customers loyal.

2. New constraints in digital marketing: privacy and cookie policies

The advent of stricter privacy regulations and new cookie policies has made target profiling in digital marketing more complicated. Data collection is limited, and companies face increasing challenges in customising marketing strategies. In this context, leads already in the CRM become a lifeline. We possess in-depth information on them, allowing us to tailor campaigns in a more targeted and relevant way. The ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach becomes obsolete, and the focus shifts to more refined personalisation.

3. Advanced Profiling and Personalisation: The Lead Advantage in CRM

Leads within CRM represent a golden reservoir of profiled information. We know their spending habits, their interests, and can interact with them in a more personalised way. Through targeted surveys, we can deepen our knowledge of the customer, further improving the quality of the data at our disposal. Re-marketing becomes an art, allowing us to communicate in a direct and engaging way. Creating customised offers becomes a reality, as we are aware of the specific needs of our leads.

In conclusion, the real treasure in marketing is not just acquiring new leads, but knowing how to make full use of the ones we already have in our CRM. Customer retention, advanced understanding of the target audience and customisation of strategies are the pillars on which to build lasting success in modern marketing. Investing time and energy in enhancing your lead database can prove to be the key to sustainable growth and a lasting relationship with your audience.