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Data, measurement, and reporting.

Measuring the performance of each property is important to create the right connections between technology and business, where there are variables related to profitability and sustainability.

Around data, the most important innovations in analysis revolve, such as the arrival on the scene of Google Analytics 4 (still in beta), but also real skirmishes (not to mention wars) between big tech companies like Facebook and Apple.

Data is the real treasure.

Usually, a color is associated with the word “oil” to indicate that a resource is a real treasure. I wouldn’t know which color to associate with data; they are an oil made of bits, and to obtain them, one is ready to cajole, lie, and drag into court.

In this digital tea, we had an interesting chat about data analysis perspectives and the need to interpret them to make them truly useful for decision-makers.

INDEX (for a quick tea!) 🕛

00:00​​ Opening
03:45​ Google Analytics 4 and what we should expect from its adoption
11:34​​ Integration between web and app
23:32​​ Queries provided by Analytics and the theme of privacy
28:50​​ The Apple/Facebook issue and the war on personal data
35:12​ Impact on the user experience of non-profiled advertising
46:00 Dashboards to make data indicators useful for decision support