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The digital tea is ready and steaming.

In this meeting, we will talk about how it is possible to address the coronavirus emergency for tourism, what will happen at the national and international levels, and how to start working again.

TOC… for a quick tea!

  • Premises and forecasts. Foreign tourists in Italy and Italian tourists abroad | Evolution of the health situation
  • 04:00 Trends: what elements to consider? There is no substitute for tourism | The need for planning
  • 15:10 Social media: how important is organic reach? Lead campaigns and the importance of generating contacts
  • 25:00 The importance of data and measurement | Metrics and the precise view of our actions and those of competitors | Developing suitable strategies for the future
  • 30:40 Institutions: is going in disarray still acceptable? | What opportunities at the regional and local levels
  • 37:50 Google My Business
  • 44:20 Managerial Gaps and why we should fill them (but also how) and above all: what are Gaps?