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The world of digital is changing rapidly.

From influencer marketing to Reels. What’s happening in the world of Digital Marketing?

By all means, all media have undergone an evolution that has revolutionized them throughout a few or many years. Think about the early 1900s radio and the ones we have today, the first televisions of the 1950s, and ultimately, even though seemingly resistant to any type of innovation, newspapers have also profoundly changed over time.

It’s not just about changes to the tool, the hardware, so to speak, but about changes to the functioning and dynamics that occur within that channel: this is how from improvised actors making cinema for fun, we arrived at Hollywood stars, from the predominantly informative purposes of radio, we moved to a preponderant component of entertainment, and so on…

However, digital is undergoing a decidedly rapid evolution. In coherence with its fast and real-time nature, it is transforming before our eyes from a narrowcast channel, divided into niches, to a broadcast one, just like TV. The super experts on specific topics and the long-tail have been replaced by glossy influencers who are experts in a bit of everything, vehicles not of free information, for the spirit of sharing with the community, but rather of sponsored content (can we use this term?) that certainly does not stem from their own experiences that they want to share. Thus, the beauty expert, for example, is ready to expand her range of expertise to fitness, fashion, and nutrition to talk to her community that now follows her not because they want to know more about a topic, but because they admire her, just like a television character. Followers become passionate about the lives of influencers, they want to know about their private lives, and so they access the Instagram channels of the new VIPs just like they access gossip magazines, hungry for firsthand news, curious to enter their homes, to know how they spend their holidays…

In short, very little of nerds remain on the Internet.

In this context, influencer marketing has profoundly changed its connotations in a few years. From a peer-to-peer and credible information tool because “it resembles consumers”, we have come to a situation where we have real testimonials, complete with agencies and fees. There are unreachable stars and more “local” ones, those known to the general public and those of the essay, but in short, the overlap with the television world seems to hold up quite well…

Digital Tea #10 explores the situation

In our usual weekly chat (the others can be found here), we tried to investigate what is happening on a broad spectrum and indeed interesting observations came out… We look forward to yours to enrich this reasoning…

A quick index

You can find it here, just to give you an advance on our reflections.

If you have a company or work in the marketing of a company, pay close attention to the last point 😉

00:00 Influencer marketing: how it was born, the scoring platforms, and how it is evolving
07:30 How do platforms make themselves attractive to advertisers, thanks to influencer content?
An article from Il Sole24Ore informs us how TikTok is under scrutiny for censorship in India and other countries.
Facebook has announced the birth of Reels, an extension that is the exact copy of guess who..? And take a look at which countries will be the pilot projects…
Then there’s Forbes giving us some important clues and on the TikTok website appears an official statement that (very politely) releases two bombshell news. In the end, it’s always politics that’s involved.
21:00 Bart Baker & Youtube: an artistic loss that is regrettable, but business is business, and market rules have prevailed. Let’s find out exactly what happened and if we can talk about a slow slide towards censorship…
27:50 The market of content creators moving from one platform to another and also from one country to another
29:58 Some rules are emerging within these platforms that were born as democratic and leveling
31:30 Social networks are following the same trajectory as other media, but much faster
34:30 Influencer marketing experiments and the Uffizi-Ferragni case
46:50 The shortsightedness of haters and the evolution of testimonials. But above all: how powerful are influencers for comparative advertisements?