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We don’t know if there has ever been an estimate, a census of the social networks created since that 1997, the year when was born, the first true social media, a moment seen by many as Year Zero of this digital age.

We only know that many are no longer there, dead, forgotten, or profoundly changed in this rapid and relentless evolutionary path.

In the previous Digital Tea: The Cemetery of Forgotten Social Networks – part 1/2, we started this quick overview to bring out of oblivion some social networks, but truly our contribution to their memory was just a drop in the ocean.

We felt sorry not to dedicate a few more minutes to their memorial, so here we are again scrolling through the social networks that made our hearts beat only to abandon us forever.

We leave you with a very quick index of the topics covered, just to let you understand who we wanted to dust off, even just for a moment:

  • Foursquare and why we always feel very lonely when we talk about it. The social network that combined gamification and location marketing. If you think it has become extinct, know that instead, they have other strategies. A classic Darwinian example;
  • a still warm corpse: Google+. Our Google Wave fanboy doesn’t seem so upset about this second loss within Google;
  • And then… was it true that Google+ at least provided SEO benefits?
  • MySpace and the lost data… see what happens when you entrust things to your cousin?
  • the social network for seniors: Eons. The platform for boomers that just didn’t take off;
  • MSN and the notification sound that still brings a twinge to the heart. A child prodigy surpassed by a new generation of wreckers;

a useful overview to talk about strategy and marketing, the topics that are closest to our hearts.