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Despite during quarantine, almost everyone had sworn that “Never! No one will take vacations in August this year! We’ll make up for lost time, companies won’t stop, vacations won’t happen, etc…” in the end, it didn’t go that way. Thankfully! For the psychophysical health of all of us and for the tourism economy, which only needed another stop to collapse definitively. We at Warp 7 contributed to this general well-being by taking a few days off, so even the Digital Teas were postponed for a while.

But here we are resuming the conversation.

This month we were indeed resting, but we didn’t disconnect our ears and above all our brains. We kept ourselves informed, and updated, because if there’s one thing that doesn’t go on vacation, it’s curiosity, and if you have it, you can’t put it on pause.

Some topics struck us, topics that made us think, and we couldn’t wait to talk about them among ourselves to compare notes. We share with you these reflections about what we found in the vast “digital universe,” bringing you what has captured our attention in the last month, penetrating sunglasses, protective creams, and masks (did you also wear them at the beach, yes?).

So, what are we talking about?

Let’s start with some good news: the job market needs digital skills.

We know. To many who are looking for a good job in the field of communication and digital marketing, this statement may seem like a proclamation devoid of substance: where are all these companies that need online professionals???

According to the latest estimate by Unioncamere, developed within the Excelsior Information System, more and more companies will try to fill their gaps by requiring technical-scientific and digital skills. There is also growing awareness of the importance of data and decisions made based on their consideration.

Google University

A separate chapter deserves the effort in higher education that the Mountain View giant is trying to make. We tried to understand what it consists of, what its purpose is, and who it is aimed at. It’s a good analysis, and we recommend it to you.

Education has given us a lot to think about, perhaps because of the ancestral legacy that August looks to September and everyone, at any age, thinks about school. We tried to understand what possible new scenarios are emerging.

Facebook and its troubles

Here, we would have gladly done without the first news. You reopen Facebook after a bit of digital detox, and you don’t recognize it anymore… Its interface has changed again. Aesthetic considerations aside, we tried to understand why and what is behind these choices.

Then there’s the iOS 14 update which brings some significant limitations due to privacy for Facebook. Now, it’s true that perhaps the blue social network had somewhat exaggerated in the past, but now the companies that invest in advertising on this platform risk losing out.


Do you already know something about blockchain? If yes, you can skip the first few minutes of Gabriele’s talk, otherwise, you can listen to it because he will patiently explain to you what it is about, and it’s a preliminary step to talk about Dfinity.

TOC (for a quick tea!)?

00:00 – Greetings and introduction

01:11 – Good news from a recent Unioncamere report on “business digitalization”: digital is needed, entrepreneurs have understood it, and now people are needed to work with it. Oh, it seems that the idea that numbers are needed to make decisions is finally catching on. From the report, it is clear that there is a willingness to fill the technological and skills gap.

07:56 – If skills are needed, Google University takes care of it. Of course, you can indeed find everything on Google… But how much does it cost, what job opportunities does it offer, what is the educational offer and what professionals does it want to train? Is it a degree or not? Does it replace a master’s degree or not? A lot of questions to which is added the most burning one: but anyway, who does Google think to be?

14:02 – The world of education is mature enough to embrace some important transformations

16:21 – And then you come back from vacation and realize that Facebook has changed forever… Have you seen the new graphical interface? Let’s try to understand if the fact that, according to many, it’s not very usable is the answer to a need that, with our limited means, we cannot yet understand

21:40 – Also because Facebook will surely have other problems thanks to the iOS 14 update, which tries to protect privacy. The impact on advertising could be very significant, even for the turnover of companies that place ads

27:00 – Dfinity: what is it and what does it offer? We’ll tell you, but you already have to chew on some blockchain, #justsaying. Alright, we’re kind, we’ll explain it to you in 2 minutes

35:00 – Interesting the return of certain discussions, like… democratic ones. Or platform agnostic? So the internet becomes the enabling solution that empowers users!