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What perspectives?

It seems that Facebook is about to launch Horizon, a new experiment in virtual spaces that promises to be much, much more and to bring along many innovations.

Connecting the dots

Certainly, the news we discuss in the Digital Tea allows us to start connecting the dots and understand Facebook’s moves in recent years, the Oculus, and many other things.

Between past…

Analyzing the situation carefully, Facebook seems to have broadened the conversation, almost taking a step back on some aspects, to attempt a return to its roots, or at least this is what Facebook Campus seems to tell us.

… and future

Some announcements instead look in a completely different direction, towards a near but very distant future from the current moment, which will force us to take a significant leap in terms of marketing. Because if Horizon goes as it should, advertising will no longer be the same…

We won’t reveal too much. In Digital Tea #12 dedicated to Facebook news, you will discover the new launches that the social network is preparing, but above all, ideas to look at a piece of news from many different perspectives to understand how many implications and repercussions it may have.

If we can offer you this tea, please feel free to join us.