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Possible motivations behind an almost unpronounceable option.

The recent developments regarding various vaccines intrigued us, so we sat down for our DigitalTea and tried to discuss about the possible reasons behind the new name of the former AstraZeneca anti-Covid 19 vaccine, now known as Vaxzevria.

Is it Rebranding or naming?

We started with the reflection on rebranding, why and how… During our discussion, we realized that we are talking about a naming operation, but why do it now? And why wasn’t it done before?

All vaccines have the company’s name…. or maybe not?

And even on this assumption, we found another truth and how this approach to branding, this gamble, is entirely Western; elsewhere, it doesn’t work like this.

We then expanded to reflect on other famous cases of rebranding, renaming, and restyling, perhaps coming out with more questions than answers, so any reflections are welcome!