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Did you know that there is the marketing of marketing?

It consists of selling the latest trends.
The novelties and trends.

Is Twitch trendy? Everyone is “selling Twitch.”

Is TikTok trendy? Everyone is “selling TikTok.”

And often it works well! We exploit the wave of a moment that can be more or less long to take advantage of the media coverage that a certain platform can offer at a specific time.

You probably also noticed that these days TikTok has even had the support of an exceptional testimonial! Even Silvio Berlusconi has started posting on the most trendy platform to do a bit of electoral marketing.

Because yes… even politics has its digital marketing, and despite Obama having amply demonstrated it and the Cambridge Analytica scandal reiterated it to the whole world, there are still some who still say it’s not true.

In fact, a new platform is another arrow in the marketing quiver.
Another tool with which to reach a new audience… maybe.

Unfortunately, sometimes it’s also a bait and switch. A few lines ago I was talking about “marketing of marketing” because it happens to see people trying to sell “the novelty” a bit like they do on Mediashopping when they try to sell you the futuristic and revolutionary product that has arrived from abroad for peeling potatoes. And only for the next 10 calls, you can have two for the price of one with a nail clipper as a gift!

It’s ugly!

It’s ugly because then we find ourselves facing companies that opened 20 social media accounts and don’t know how to use them. And when you ask, “Why did you open it if you don’t use it,” you hear them say, “Because it was the trend of the moment and another agency sold it to us saying that if we didn’t do it, we would have fallen behind the competition! And then if we had signed the contract immediately, they would have given us the nail clipper for free.”

POV: when they tell you there’s a nail clipper as a gift…

And so now that company can boast of having 20 social assets. 18 of these have 3 followers and have been updated only in the first two months of life and now the most recent post is dated April 2018.

Now, if you find yourself in this situation, ask yourself a question: what impression do you think you give to those who seek information about you and see a situation like this?

Make no mistake, I have nothing against TikTok, I took it as an example only because it’s the current trend, but any other social platform could have been in its place.

The point of the conversation is: wouldn’t it be better to make conscious and reasoned choices?
What audience can I reach on that platform?
What benefits can I derive from it?
Do I know the language and tone of voice to use?
Am I able to support the work necessary to feed that channel?
Isn’t this activity going to turn into a waste of man-hours that won’t bring me anything good?

Yes! Because it’s important to set goals and be able to measure the results achieved to evaluate the return on our investment.

Yet there are more and more of those “professionals” who are very good at selling and buying the trend of the moment but are not equally good at investing their time, for example… in Excel.

So let me introduce you to this tool that will take your marketing to the next level! It’s called Microsoft Excel, it’s a brand-new spreadsheet, created in 1985.
This platform has its limitations, I admit, for example, there are no videos of twerking kittens, but, imagine, it will allow you to find out if you are getting results on the current platforms or if you are wasting time! Fantastic, isn’t it?

Indeed, because do you know what all social media and all web platforms have in common?

The numbers.

And do you know what all the numbers in the world have in common?

They can be entered into a beautiful CSV, analyzed, and turned into INFORMATION.

What magic, huh?

Every click, every view, every like, every comment, every follow, every interaction, and every second of viewing is a number that can be related to other numbers and interpreted to turn it into useful information for our marketing, to better understand our audience, and to improve our communication with it.

This great magic happens in Excel!

It’s the most BORING of work tools, with its sad greenish logo, with its interface that shows us a sad mega-table gray to be filled with our sad numbers, in which to write sad mathematical formulas, all sad. But…

  • It is the basis of every reporting system.
  • It is where user actions turn into numbers.
  • It’s where numbers become information.
  • It is where that information turns into marketing strategies.

So, in summary, what do I want to tell you with this short article?

If you want to use social media and web platforms just for fun, do what you want. But wouldn’t it be better to start from the basics? Isn’t it better to be able to analyze the data before opening another account on another platform that you will then neglect? Isn’t it better to focus on a few channels and use them in a structured way instead of wasting time (and remember that time = money) on channels that you will then neglect or use incorrectly?

Choose how to invest your time and money. Don’t let yourself be carried away by the enthusiasm of the trends of the moment, and make reasoned choices, set goals, and follow only those paths that can bring you useful results. Forget the rest.

Maybe the new trendy platform of the moment is exactly what you’ve been waiting for, that tool that allows you to connect exactly with your ideal audience and use exactly the type of communication that reflects you! So use it to the fullest! But make this decision only after thoroughly analyzing all the numbers you have available, otherwise, you risk wasting time and money.