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We met Carlo Palermo, a young Sicilian entrepreneur and owner of Mammarancia, a company that produces and sells Sicilian blood oranges and organic citrus fruits online. It was a wonderful conversation that touched on many topics.

First of all, the idea of ​​selling organic oranges and citrus fruits online was successful, especially the focus on foreign markets, which represent 80% of Mammarancia’s total turnover. The choice of focusing on foreign markets, as told by Carlo, seems natural; foreign customers are more willing to recognize the value of products that are difficult for them to find, while the Italian market has much more competition with inevitable price pressures.

Like many famous stories, the idea of ​​selling online arose from a passion for digital technology, which led Carlo to experiment with WordPress starting from YouTube tutorials and his marketing background from a master’s degree in the Netherlands and a past in Accenture.

However, it was not easy to introduce e-commerce into the family business. First, there were the doubts of the previous generation, and then the challenges, the constant challenges to face, from setting up business processes to meticulous attention to the quality of the products, from certifications to customer care, and the creation of a logistic system capable of maintaining the “brand promise” even with the most distant customers.

In addition to quality, the company also focuses on customer care, which is a real obsession but represents a winning factor in building a loyal customer base. Thanks to this focus, Mammarancia has very high ratings on Trustpilot (4.8), and customers are generally willing to forgive the (rare) incidents that can occur when handling delicate goods to be shipped over long distances.

All this seasoned with a touch of genius that for example led to the exploitation of an eruption of Mount Etna as a promotional vehicle, through the shipment of mini bottles of ash to foreign customers to give them a sample of what is one of the key ingredients of such a good product, determines the success of the company and testifies to the passion that animates the work of the team.

Carlo is a passionate and present entrepreneur. His projects are ambitious, and he is rightly very proud of the work done. The dream is to launch an experiential product with which to invite customers to visit the company and the territory, to taste freshly picked oranges, and to experience the brand’s values firsthand.

Good luck Carlo and happy birthday Mammarancia.

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