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Welcome to our weekly tea!

In this meeting, we wanted to address a topic that is very dear to us: data analysis.

Warp 7 is based on the model of the 3A’s: Awareness, Assessment, Action. Phases that depend strictly on data analysis and come from a data-driven approach since the beginning of each project.

It has never been easy for the culture of data to impose itself, and it continues to encounter a tenacious resistance, despite its efforts to demonstrate all its collaborative capacity. And yet… many of us are still skeptical and rely on intuition, creativity, and entrepreneurial gut.

They are all perfect and fundamental ingredients, but adding that pinch of sensitivity to numbers would make everything even more appetizing and above all more nutritious.

Meanwhile, data analysis and reporting have continued on their path, taking giant steps: from the representation of quantitative and qualitative data, we have reached data visualization and data storytelling. Increasingly faster and more engaging ways to share knowledge and provide even more support for decision-making, to transform a few numbers into actions.

Data communication has become visual and for those who choose to avail themselves of this formidable support, guidelines are useful to accompany the reader, because numbers have an important story to tell, but it is necessary to ensure that this story is heard.

Enough with the introduction, we leave you to the video. Enjoy!