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Do you know the story of the elephant in the room? That huge animal that’s there, but out of “politeness,” no one talks about it, and everyone ignores it? Well, the issue of social properties is very, very similar… let’s understand it a bit better.

Let’s put it very simply, folks:

  • your Instagram account is not yours, it belongs to Instagram
  • your Facebook account is not yours, it belongs to Facebook
  • your YouTube account is not yours, it belongs to YouTube

and so on… and so forth…

Is this a bad thing? NO! But it’s something we all MUST be aware of! In the equation of our communication, this element is not a variable, it’s a constant, a fixed point of which we must be aware when deciding how to structure our integrated communication.

So, what do we need to be aware of?

1 – Social platforms come and go

When a social platform shuts down, “goes out of fashion,” or gets blocked in your country, your presence on that platform disappears. The time and resources you’ve invested in that platform vanish. Of course, this is an exaggeration: you will still have reaped the benefits of your work DURING the active period of that platform, but now that the social platform is gone, you have nothing left.

2 – Your users are not your users

You might think: “Now that I’ve gained 25 billion followers on my social account, I can use these followers as an asset to send my communications through a preferred channel, creating a wonderful one-to-many relationship!”



and again, NO

simply because what you post will never reach all your fans (or followers, or subscribers, depending on the platform in question). You’ll be lucky if it reaches 10% of them. Just to give you an idea of what is called “organic reach on Facebook,” I recommend this link and this link.

3 – Want to reach your users? Pay!

In point number two, we saw that out of all your users, you will be able to reach a number that is around the If_I_was_shouting_out_of_the_balcony_more_people_would_have_heard_me% range.

But is there a solution? Of course!

Guess what it is? Pay!

Yes, because all you have to do is sponsor the posts, and the reach increases!

Got the brilliant idea? After spending resources to build a fan base, all you have to do is pay more money to then reach that same fan base!

4 – And then there are the support services…

Accidents happen, dear readers.

  • It may happen that due to some infringement, our account gets suspended.
  • Maybe we work for a big company that makes yellow color, but this clashes with the sensibilities of orange color lovers, so these people organize themselves to mass report us to the platform and we get our account blocked.
  • Or we could be hacked.
  • Or maybe someone in the company assigned the responsibility for these useless little things called “social media” (obviously read all the irony in the world in this sentence) to an intern who, after finishing his internship, goes home with the access credentials, leaving everyone with an account that is impossible to access…

And it is in these moments that we have to deal with support systems: Dantean circles populated by mythological figures half bots and half human beings, forms to fill out, verification codes that don’t arrive, despair, and frustration.

You will have to overcome trials that would scare Hercules to regain possession of an account that will never be completely yours anyway.

So what do we do? Give up on social media?

Absolutely not!

Social media are great showcases; we just need to know how to use them and be aware of the pitfalls I’ve mentioned so far!

Knowing how to use social media

Knowing how to use social media doesn’t mean “knowing how to write a post”; anyone can do that more or less well. “Knowing how to use them” means being able to integrate them into your integrated communication strategy!

Which are the social media where we can connect with our target audience? What are the contents that work best on each platform? How can one social media support and feed another? When and how is it worth investing in advertising?

These are all knowledge and strategies that allow you to maximize the result. But now comes the most important advice:

let’s take back what’s ours!

it sounds like a phrase from Gomorrah (the Italian TV series). And it kind of is…

But the point is that we have to learn to Convert! To generate Leads!

Let’s learn to move traffic FROM social media to properties that we TRULY own!
Let’s use social media to make prospects subscribe to our mailing lists, sections of our website, and databases… only in this way, we can say that those leads are truly ours, and we can create marketing strategies that will be truly effective and long-lasting.

This is not the article where I will dwell on this last topic, which is really, really huge, I should write a thousand pages about it… there would be to talk about leads, different types of conversions, funnels, the use of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to study such funnels, incremental A/B tests… and much, much more. But in the meantime, if you want to delve deeper, try searching on Google for some of the terms used in this article to learn more, and follow our Digital Teas on YouTube where we discuss marketing-related topics like these every week.

See you soon!