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Multichannel, how to communicate and offer services through multiple channels.

The highlights of a multi-channel approach are:

  • Intercept and monitor all channels in which its customers are present;
  • Analyze individual customer behavior on different media;
  • Devise a marketing strategy to make the most of the potential of the different channels,
  • Measure impact.

We talk about it in depth in our Digital

TOC (for a quick tea!)

03:52 ‒ The warp7 action methodology: Awareness, Assessment, Action
05:58 ‒ Awareness
11:52 ‒ Assessment
12.33pm ‒ The case study: the company blog
5.29pm ‒ Track and measure impact
7.52pm ‒ Action
24:18 ‒ “The medium is the message”, thanks McLuhan
31:27 ‒ Multi-device integration
37:56 ‒ Cross Device, the problem of smart TVs
47:50 ‒ The take-away: measure or have measured