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On the occasion of the Destinazione Campania event, of which we are technical sponsors, we had the honor and burden of opening the sequence of events of the first block of 4 days with a technical seminar entitled “Competitiveness and organization. Between managerial gaps and digital gaps.”

It was an opportunity for a moment of reflection on the reasons why Italian companies, especially small and medium-sized ones, find themselves facing a competitive gap compared to their international competitors. And why this phenomenon is especially true for companies in the South, which always seem to be a little further behind than the others.

Together with our friend and partner Giorgio Gandellini of Nestplan International we started from the concept of competitiveness seen as the relationship between the value offered and the price asked in exchange and we analyzed the three macro-processes relating to value (knowledge, creation and communication) and how obstacles may be created to their orderly development.

We are convinced that today digital tools can be powerful allies in the entirely managerial task of minimizing and neutralizing these gaps as long as we constantly invest in training and digital culture. These are the investments that we simply cannot do without today.

It was great for us having a space in a project like Destinazione Campania and Rete Destinazione Sud, projects in which we strongly believe and in which we have been investing for some time in the belief that the network and network dynamics can be the key element for the redemption of companies of Southern Italy first and foremost but also for a winning and sustainable approach to proposing the Made in Italy model nationally and internationally.